Southwest Family Farms


Our Family's Commitment

 Southwest Family Farms is a fifth generation farm located in southwest Kansas. We farm both family-owned ground and ground that is rented and/or crop shared from landowners and other farming partnerships.  We are a grain farm that raises corn, wheat, milo, soybeans, and cotton.  Our commitment is to remain a sustainable farm, using farming practices that will ensure that generations after us will have the opportunity produce food, fuel, fiber for the world.  

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Sustainable Farming

We combine sound agronomics and precision placement of inputs to ensure that we get the optimal return out of our resources.  We map our soil using state of the art technology and apply seed, fertilizer, chemicals, and irrigation to ensure we are applying the optimal quantities needed.  We believe we have a responsibility to be good stewards of the land we farm.  


Want To See More?

We take pride in what we do and want to share it with you!  Click the link below to see more pictures form our family farm.  

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